Request for Firmware Upgrade Disc

Its fast and easy to upgrade your OPPO Blu-ray player's firmware on your own via the internet or with a USB thumb drive/self-made firmware upgrade disc. However, if you are unable to upgrade your OPPO Blu-ray player's firmware, you can request a firmware upgrade disc.

Product Registration Required - To request a firmware upgrade disc, product registration for your OPPO Blu-ray player is required if you have not done so already. To start a request, please enter your e-mail address that you used to register your OPPO product. Customers who ordered their OPPO Blu-ray player directly from our store can use the e-mail address used in their order.


*The upgrade disc will contain the latest official firmware release. For any available public beta releases, please install them manually by using a USB Thumb Drive or burning your own DVD disc.

**For customers in the U.S. and Canada only.

Be kind and keep the environment in mind when requesting a firmware upgrade disc. Please consider upgrading your OPPO Blu-ray player's firmware via the internet or a reusable USB thumb drive.