Reviews & Awards

  • [PM1Home Theater Review's Best of 2014 Awards

    "He ranks the PM-1 as one of the best all-around, general-purpose headphones currently available."

    HomeTheaterReview.com, December 1, 2014

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  • [BDP103D2014 Products of the Year

    "... world-class universal Blu-ray disc player with a ground-breaking video enhancer ..."

    Video Components, Processors & Streaming Devices

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    "... the OPPO HA-2 is the smart choice for those seeking a polished-sounding and gutsy performer that’s keenly priced."

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  • [HA2Enjoy the Music.com's 20/20 Award

    "Please allow me to sum it up this way. You can take the OPPO HA-2 out of my cold dead hands."

    Steven R. Rochlin,

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  • [PM12015 Japan Headphone Book Award

    "Incredible perfection level as planar magnetic headphone while it is the very 1st headphone product of theirs."

    2014 - 2015

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  • [PM3Oppo PM-3 Headphone Review

    "... this is a superbly built, exceptionally comfortable and immensely talented headphone that represents some of the very highest performance available at the price point."

    Ed Selley, June 1, 2015

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  • [HA2Oppo HA-2

    "... Oppo’s new rechargeable portable DAC/headphone amp is perfect for music on the move"

    Nick Tate, May 2015

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  • [PM3The Oppo PM-3 A Competent Comfortable Mobile Headphone

    "Sound quality, styling, comfort, build quality, isolation, and accessorization are all very well executed for this price."

    Tyll Hertsens, May 15, 2015

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  • [PM3Oppo PM-3 review

    "The Oppo PM-3 are some of the best portable headphones ever made."

    Andrew Williams, May 15, 2015

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  • [HA2Head rush

    "The HA-2 possesses an Apple-esque tactility, solidity and clarity of design"

    David Vivian, April 9, 2015

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  • [PM2Oppo Digital PM-2 Headphones

    "Oppo’s PM-2s sound every bit as good as they look and feel -- and they look and feel superlative."

    Hans Wetzel, March, 2015

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  • [PM1;HA1Spotlight

    "... these two components not only give you a world class personal audio system for a tick over two grand, they give you the foundation for a fantastic two-channel hifi system as well ..."

    2014 Product of the Year – Overall

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