Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (Darbee Edition)

Exceptional Picture Quality by Darbee Processing

4k Up-Scaling, 3D Playback, 2D to 3D Conversion

Dual HDMI Inputs/Outputs, MHL Input, Dual-core Fast Loading



High Definition Video & Audio from all Sources
The BDP-103D represents a marked evolution in OPPO's design and engineering. The Darbee Edition takes home theater beyond accuracy, providing enhanced depth and realism to the visual experience. BDP-103D is a versatile player that delivers enhanced picture quality and premium sound.





The Darbee Difference
Darbee's Visual Presence™ technology establishes a fundamental breakthrough for image realism. By embedding stereoscopic depth information generated from a patented human-vision-based model into 2D or 3D video, it provides greater clarity and increases the perception of depth resulting in a more dynamic, life-like experience. The amount of processing is adjustable, allowing you to customize the visual enhancement to your particular taste. 
7.1-Channel Analog Output
Ideal to connect to a 7.1-channel or 5.1-channel surround sound system. The BDP-103D delivers an incredible sound stage and an immersive surround experience.   For users with stereo speakers, the 7.1-channel analog output can be configured to a stereo down-mix mode.
Diversified Media Support
The BDP-103D entertains with a variety of media options, delivers  extraordinary streaming experience and enrich disc and file formats.
Award Winning
      "[BDP-103D] HiVi 2015 Best Buy Award, Video Players Under ¥100,000"
      "... world-class universal Blu-ray disc player ..."
      "... Oppo's players have consistently delivered excellent results."